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WinFtp Client 1.9

Win FTP Server is a very powerful application for down and up loading files
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Win FTP Server is a very powerful application for uploading and downloading folders and files between the user local PC and a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site.
The application offers real time monitoring and data information during all the FTP transfers. It sends emails to the Server administrator when transfers processes are finished or determined events are detected.

Transferred data can be encrypted for increased security, supporting 128-bit SSL coding rules.

The application includes an Hi-O-Meter for getting information on the files that are downloaded more times and prevent overloads. Also, this program supports Virtual Directories, Javascripts and VDScript for direct server commands, control on disk quota system, and true real time FTP server information. It monitors each connected user, and is capable of 'firing out' a user that is not following rules. It also keeps logs of the attempts of downloading that can be considered dangerous or inadequate, etc.

Several logs complete the total information on the Server traffic, such as maximum and minimum download speed, last command sent or received, idle time by user, etc.

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